Valuation Services

In order to minimise problems that can occur in the unfortunate event of theft, fire or damage, David Fletcher undertakes two types of Insurance Valuations.

1. Inventory Based Valutions
These take the form of a detailed valuation of the entire or specified contents of a client’s house. They are tailor made to suit an individual’s particular needs and great pains are taken to ensure that they are presented in a clear, logical and concise manner.

2. Valuation Reviews
These take the form of brief reports and are designed to ascertain whether or not a client has sufficient cover and that such cover is properly categorised.
Initial inspections can normally be undertaken within 24 hours and on a complimentary basis.

Probate Valuations

The purpose of a probate valuation is to ascertain the value of a deceased person’s estate in order to ascertain the amount of inheritance tax payable. A professionally prepared valuation will provide peace of mind to executors, trustees and beneficiaries and will ensure that the estate is not overtaxed.

Matrimonial Valuations

David Fletcher’s experience in this difficult field means that he is able to provide sensitively executed and clearly presented documents designed to minimise the heartache that often accompanies the process of obtaining a divorce settlement.